Germiston Rand Airport Airshow (2009) Helicopters Boeing 737, DC 3, Ultralights, Low Flying

Shutterstock Pictures: Shutterstock Videos: This is a short video establishing the fantastic air show that took place in Johannesburg, South Africa. The airport that this video was filmed in was Rand Airport situated very close to Or Tambo International Airport Johannesburg South Africa. The first couple of shots reveal Alexander Kohler and his cousin Timothy Kohler flying a small aircraft. Alexander and Timothy both do a complete somersault with their planes. They are both hoping to get their pilot license one day. The other shots reveal planes flying extremely fast and doing loop-de-loops in the air. There are even sightings of particular old aircraft such as a DC-3 which is still considered one of the most advanced flying aircraft of all time. In this film there are 2 DC-3s that fly around the airport. One of the best ones were the Boeing 737-200, the pilot flew super fast around the airport doing all sorts of amazing tricks. But if that were a commercial flight the pilot would have been fired. There were also some amazing shots of police officers that used police helicopters to catch the criminals. There is even a shot when a helicopter shoots the ground and big load of smoke was blown into our faces. Air show OR Tambo International Airport small planes aircraft Boeing 737-200 old planes acrobatic flying somersault air show Rand Airport Johannesburg South Africa trick flying high speed flying police helicopters helicopter chase explosion trick flying micro-light small planes worms rope good show airshow south Africa flying fast high speed