We haven't had enough rain this year to fill up the Vaal to its rip-roaring best. But occasionally we have a great day out when the water is bouncy enough to provide some fun. On the weekend of March 3-4 we had about 25 cumecs (half summer average) but the weather was great and the people full of beans, making it all fun. Rose Solomon brought a group on the Saturday. That day, we also had Valentine's Day running race prizewinner Jacob and his young friend Wilson along for a freebie. On Sunday, Fahmi and Martin joined us on what turned out to be a guide training trip -- we flipped the raft and nearly lost it as it was blown upriver in a strong wind. Fortunately the clients saved the day for the guides and retrieved the raft! The river was pretty green from lots of algae but it had no ill effects. Come back, guys, we need you! A longer version of this video with more great video footage will be available on order for download off our special online site. Get hold of me to order. -- Graeme