Hitchhiking from Hungary to Bulgaria on the way to South Africa – Thumbs Up Africa: #3

Press CC for subtitles! In this epısode we wıll see how the hıtchhıkers contınue theır journey to Afrıca crossıng Europe, trying to hitchike from Hungary to Romania and Bulgaria. This is a video from Thumbs Up Africa: a hitchhike journey from Groningen, the Netherlands, to Cape Town, South Africa in order to raise awareness on issues of sustainability in Africa. The hitchhikers help and work with NGOs in order to learn about the impact of projects in the daily lives of people in African countries. See www.thumbsupafrica.org or www.facebook.com/thumbsupafrica for more info. You will find other short vlogs and episodes from the hitchhikers at the Thumbs Up Youtube channel. Credits: Jerry de Mars, John-Patrick van Rensburg and Jaron de Paauw, in cooperation with Spektor Storytelling. Music by Artists: Kama & Vince, Titel: Go with the wind, Produced by: GMJ the White Hurricane.