The Spot-On community newspaper of Parys, South Africa, took up RIVERMAN's invitation to go rafting on the Vaal. For all, it was their first experience of whitewater. The river was low due to midwinter flow, but it was exciting all the same. The group started extremely nervous but ended thrilled. Spot-On is an initiative of the Thabang Society which provides HIV-Aids and other health services in the township of Tumahole and surrounding areas. Thabang is supported by local and foreign donations: which explains the German spoken at the end of the video. The staff have been learning the basics of journalism from Graeme Addison - a former Professor of Communication who also happens to be South Africa's "Ole Man River" from years of adventuring on whitewater. Graeme thought it would be a good idea to introduce the reporters and their editors to the adventure careers that are on their doorstep in the vredefort Dome, with its river, mountains and trails.Come again! yeeha@riverman.co.za 0842452490