in the lions den

We had our first free day today - what better than to spend it with lions? Im mean really, how often do you get to say, Yea, I played with a lion (cub) today? It seems like everything in South Africa is more than an hour drive away. The lions den was no different. We ditched the charter bus weve been using and packed into a 3-4 SUV/van convoy. A couple of us were close to throwing up from the backroad and backseat induced motion sickness, but having the chance to play with 4 month old lion cubs was well worth the trip out to nowhere today. There are several things you just dont tell the folks back home while youre on a missions trip. Im sure I was bit by by a lion is pretty high on that list. The 4 month old cubs were no bigger than a medium sized dog, but a couple team members had bruises and broken skin from the playful lion cubs during their pre-man eating days. We also got to watch some of the adult lions being fed. Because the animals live in a contained space and were close to domesticated, theyd never be able to make it in the wild. I think they said the lions were fed cut and quartered animal carcasses once a week. I cant say enough about how beautiful the lions were, but lets keep in mind it was a good thing we were on our side of the 12 foot tall, triple layer electric fence.