Kalahari Photography Tour Sept trip

http://www.saphototours.com In September we completed another Kalahari photo safari around the Northern Cape of South Africa, with great success. Here is a video of our guest's photographs and photographs of our guests taking photos of South Africa! We had so much fun with them and learnt a lot about the local birds thanks to our guests who were enthusiastic bird watchers from Australia. This tour included Kalahari San Bushmen, amazing wildlife including lions, vultures, wildebeest, gazelle and antelope and so many different types of birds. We were even lucky enough to witness the unusual antics of mating ostrich! Our guests learnt a lot about photography during our workshops on tour and put their new knowledge to good use, taking some great photographs of South Africa, its people, landscapes and wildlife. They especially loved the little meerkats that accompanied us on our tracking expedition with the Professor. Thanks to our guests for being so much fun and taking Africa in their stride.