LESSONS IN LIFE OF A LION: Kruger Nat Park, South Africa; October 05, 2010

SIMON'S 50th birthday celebration tour of SOUTH AFRICA with Line Fauske, Jonatan Vik, Thomas Dejgaard, and Hanne Rekkedal: THE SPECIAL ONES! Tired, and towards the end of an excellently presented and guided day-long safari tour of the park with our most articulate and knowledgeable guide, Elias (Sefapane Lodge, Phalaborwa), we suddenly stumbled upon these wonderful creatures by a watering hole perhaps 200-300 from the road side. We had all day long seen all there was to see of animals, birds, and vegetation, including a fresh python snake track across the road. Earlier on in the day there had indeed been a distant encounter with a pair of lions under a large tree off the main road. It was not a satisfactory sight really as there were several other parties trying to catch a view also. But this time we had it all to ourselves for what seemed like an eternity; highlight of the tour without a doubt. I will return!