LibraryLooks – Kruger park, South Africa #01

The TVGreen foundation is a licensing representative of a multimedia PermaStore archive. LibraryLooks are an unique opportunity to peer into TVGreen's archive with clips from the © library. Kruger Nationaal Park - Kruger Nasionale Park, Nasionale Krugerwildtuin - Kruger National Park - Krüger-Nationalpark - Parc national Kruger - Parco nazionale Kruger - Parque Nacional Kruger - Kruger nasjonalpark - Park Narodowy Krugera Kruger National Park is in the northeastern Transvaal, South Africa, with Mozambique to the east and Zimbabwe to the west. Kruger National Park has an extremely varied and renowned plant and animal life. Some 140 mammals and 500 bird species can be found. A natural treasure in the true sense of the word. Looking for footage? Stockshots can be ordered from the library and inserted into your film, program, or commercial where the script calls for such a scene. HowTo : At the bottom right corner of the clip, you see a Timecode display. Make a choice of shots with a description and the matching timecode. Send your order for delivery of the referred images to Keep informed and subcribe to our channel or follow us on Twitter: © All Rights reserved by Fauna Film B.V. You are invited to subscribe, share & comment to our YouTube channels: Music title: TheMachineThinks BY Kevin MacLeod licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0" ©