Lioness and Cubs – Playing and Drinking by a Pool

This lioness was one of two who made up the Tsalala Pride, in Londolozi Game Reserve, part of Sabi Sands and the Greater Kruger area in South Africa. She had this young litter of four cubs, and her sister had a litter of four a few months older. The father of this litter is presumed to be the Hip-Scar male of the Majingilane coalition. We spent days following this little family, watching the playful and bold cubs exploring their surroundings, each moment a new adventure. Unfortunately the life of lions in the wild is not an easy one by any means, and each and every one must fight their hardest to survive. Of these cubs, two were killed and one lost during a buffalo hunt. The one lost wasn't seen for about 5 weeks, until he was reunited with the pride and slowly began recuperating. He had survived starvation and predators alone for weeks, but on 29th December he was killed, for no apparent reason, by the Majingilane adult males. His presumed father had walked away in the opposite direction just prior to this. Find more stories, pictures and videos here: