Lions Mating (Twice – Watch to the end!): Sex Education Lesson from Mala Mala, South Africa

Travel Log video by John A. Eisenhauer Copyright (c) 2011 - All Rights Reserved I spent January, 2008 exploring Southern Africa. This is one of my life-changing experiences. This encounter involves a mating Lion and Lioness and was captured over a half-hour period. I was in an open-air safari vehicle with a guide and one other guest when we came across this scene. Mating is done at 8 minute intervals over several days and is quite exhausting for the amorous couple - and quite painful for the female. This is intentionally raw, unedited footage with original, live audio - in the original chronology. My hope is that you can appreciate the duration and intimacy of the experience. Enjoy! Want to go? Visit: Thanks! - John