Llangollen International Eisteddfod Parade of Nations, 3rd July 2012

The international music and dance festival gets off to a flying start with a parade through the streets of Llangollen. lt's dry all day until the precise instant the parade starts... Traditional British summer, right? Sorry I didn't get everyone; the lens misted right up internally as the pressure plunged, and at one point so did the viewing screen, so I couldn't even see whether or not the camera was recording. :-( Luckily, it was for all but one section of the show. Turkish sword dancers demonstrated the true meaning of swashbuckling - swashing or beating one's buckler or shield. Their dance is over 600 years old. Some of these people played or danced for the entire mile and a half. The Georgian dancers had just got off the bus after 3000 uninterrupted miles, and appeared in two concerts that day! Performers from Cymru (Wales), England, Northern Ireland, Kurdistan, USA, Singapore, Kernow (Cornwall), Turkey, Belgium, India, Georgia, South Africa.