LNER A4 Class 4-6-2 no 60009 Union of South Africa – 12 August 2012

Filmed from Astley Level Crossing we see LNER A4 number 60009 "Union of South Africa" on the outbound working of the The Railway Touring Company's "The North Wales Coast Express" from Crewe to Holyhead (via Manchester). With excellent weather conditions one of LNER's finest locomotives appears and races towards us giving a nice long blast on the whistle before storming past us, over the level crossing and past the adjacent signal box. Royal Class 47, 47798 "Prince William" is bringing up the rear of the train. The long approach shot really allows one to appreciate the uneveness of the track across Chat Moss as it is possible to see the line's ups & downs. The official working is, 60009 & 47798 1Z93 Crewe - Holyhead Both locomotives carried names today, 60009 - Union of South Africa 47798 - Prince William This was a shot that I had wanted to get for some time now but had always been unable to, to get it today on home turf was fantastic :D A quick thanks to the signaller for giving us the heads up, the crew for the whistle and wave & the kids for being quiet :) Best experienced in 1080 with the sound up!