Luxury Game Ranch South Africa – Moketsi Game Ranch

Moketsi Game Ranch is based just outside Bloemfontein and is available to a single group of up to 20 guests. The Ranch covers some 6,500 hectares (65 km²) of beautiful grassland plains and contrasting mountain landscapes in a unique and comfortable setting for an exclusive and private experience. Moketsi is just 1.5 hours by road from Bloemfontein Airport and with its central location provides short commercial flight links to Johannesburg and Cape Town. A local airstrip for small aircraft is also available next to the Moketsi property. Moketsi has a large variety of game with four of the Big Five (including Lion, Rhino, Buffalo and Leopard). The varied landscape, range of animals, birdlife and luxurious accommodation make for a true outdoor experience for both the experienced traveller and new visitors to South Africa. Moketsi is likely to be of interest to an individual group or corporate client. For further information please see the contact details at the end of our video. We look forward to seeing you ! Moketsi Game Ranch