Making of LAND OF CONTRAST – video shooting in Limpopo

The project "Mozambique - Land of contrast" is a unique PR project initiated by SONÇA international to promote Mozambique's tourist industry - Africa's rising star in tourism. Limpopo National Park, April 2008: For the first time in history, a symphonic orchestra was performing classical music in an African national park. These UNIQUE and UNSEEN images of breathtaking nature and wild life truly represent a "World Premiere". And the entire project is financed through a public private sponsorship in support of Mozambique's Ministry of Tourism. Mozambique's claim "Land of contrast" is visualized in the form of surprising and unseen images of the two Mozambican opera singers - Stella Mendonça & Sonia Mocumbi, accompanied by 53 members of the French Symphonic Orchestra of Pontarlier in the National Parks of Limpopo and Gorongosa in harmony with Mozambique's nature and wild life. More information: Sound tracks with copyright: "Vusi Mahlasela-Kuyobanjani Na?" and "Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens-Mbaqanga"