Matt Bracken’s Africa

Matt Bracken's Grandfather Verne Moss took him to Africa when he was twelve years old, quite an adventure in itself for a little boy. "That was it, I was hooked," he said. "I was lucky, the first animal I ever saw on safari was an African wild dog, the second was a leopard, and the third, an elephant. I will never ever forget looking into the eyes of that elephant, from that day I wanted to live wild and free, and I wanted everything else on the planet to live wild and free. It's the only way for the planet to survive, the circle of life, to live, wild and free." Matt continued to travel to Africa with his Father and eventually came to master the safari business through the guidance of the Beal family of Wayzata, Minnesota. Audrey and Dave Beal started Travel Beyond in 1975, and now their son Craig Beal owns the company. They provided Matt the flexibility and the access to gain an expertise in African safaris by exploring Africa, working at, and visiting safari camps throughout the continent for 8 years. Matt has spent his days traveling with clients to Africa and touring the great animal reserves that are home to elephants, rhinos, giraffes, zebras, leopards, lions... an endless list of wild African animals to view and admire. "I ended up meeting a maverick of a man, Charles Brightman who founded and runs the Victoria Falls Anti Poaching Unit in Zimbabwe. I was able to follow his anti poaching teams through the bush and get some good footage. That opened the door and after a few more trips to Africa, I had the good fortune to meet Vincent Barkas in South Africa who started the oldest privately owned anti poaching company in Africa. His company is called Protrack, and they're hired by Wildlife Reserves throughout South Africa to protect their animals from poachers. He also runs one of Africa's only anti poaching ranger training programs." Soon Matt is full on engulfed in the Protrack boot camp in Hoedspruit, South Africa, which leads him to becoming a certified Anti-Poaching Ranger in the fight to save the worlds last rhinos! Matt, as well, has flown to new York and Los Angeles answering the call of reality TV. Two major national networks are considering Matt as their next adventurous host. Matt Bracken's Africa has shown him amazing experiences, and soon he'll share much more of them with you. Stay tuned; • Anti-Poaching Bootcamp • Climbing Kilimanjaro • Safari Adventures • Mountain Silverback Gorillas in Rwanda • Victoria Falls • Saving the White Rhinos • Baboons of Botswana • Namibia Sossusvlei Dune • Great White Sharks off South Afirca