Monkey Interrupts Interview at Monkeyland

Outside of Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. While filming our episode on Monkeyland´s volunteer program, Tom and I were interrupted by one of Monkeyland´s favorite inhabitants, Atlas, a white-handed gibbon. When I realized that he wasn´t going to stick around very long, I quickly got behind the camera to catch him swinging away. Tom told me that gibbons are known as the ¨little men of the forest.¨ And, after seeing him swing away (and earlier walk away from us on the ground), I saw why. You just want to go up and give him a good hug. But, these guys are fairly strong and it probably wouldn´t have ended pretty had I done that. So, I am grateful for the footage I got during my shoot, and for hearing him sing throughout the day from afar. Atlas just might make another appearance on