Here are two offroad cycling trails, both quite easy but energetic outrides from our place at Otters' Haunt on the banks of the Vaal River, South Africa. Leeukop (Lion's Head) is a prominent hill formed of the famous Parys pink granite, a product of the meteorite blast which shook this area two billion years ago. Tweezer Rocks is another such outcrop. We ride on veld paths, push or carry where necessary on steep rock faces, and get spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. The videos ware shot in midsummer, December 2009, so everything is green. To ride here in summer you must either start very early in the cool of the morning or do it late in the afternoon and evening. Winter (May-September) is the best time for mountain biking, with day time temperatures ranging from 10degC to 22degC. The rides are great fun and their wonderful country vistas come as a surprise to visitors who generally have no idea of how beautiful the Vredefort Dome World Heritage Site can be. - Graeme. Tel +27 56 8181814 or +27 84 245 2490.