NATHAN’s EARTH launch invite for Wandsworth Artsits’ Open House 2012

This year sees the launch of a brand new project by Nathan Meyers; an organisation that will help support the work of South Africa's Biodiversity & Wine Initiative (BWI) through the sale of photography and wine - NATHAN's EARTH The Unique Cape Floristic Region The Western Cape of South Africa is home to the world's smallest and most diverse plant kingdom on earth. The Cape Floristic Region (CFR) has earned international recognition as a World Heritage Site and a global biodiversity hotspot. Despite the CFR's unique global conservation status, this region is under increasing threat from expanding agricultural and urban development, the spread of invasive alien plant species, too-frequent fires and inappropriate land management activities, such as overgrazing. Why is this project needed? The CFR is also home to 90% of the South African wine industry, with 80% of all the remaining natural areas of the CFK situated on privately owned land. Biodiversity refers to all the species, ecosystems and natural processes that form the basis of life and its ability to adapt and flourish over time. When biodiversity is intact, species and ecosystems are resilient, enabling them to adapt to environmental changes. When biodiversity is lost, nature responds erratically and unpredictably, making it difficult for growers to plan production or to protect natural resources. Nathan's Earth therefore not only focuses on protecting this area of global conservation importance, but also emphasises the appropriate management of all underpinning natural systems and resources that secure a healthy and productive farm environment and surrounding catchments. Photography + Wine: What's the Link? Early during my career as an entomologist in Cape Town, I developed a keen eye for the insect life I was studying and since moving to London in 2008 to work as a wine merchant, also started photographing wine bottles for art purposes.