Paklite Best Travel Luggage Backpacks Cases in Australia

Paklite has a proud heritage and well established position within the Australian luggage market. With close to 50 years of experience in the travel goods industry, Paklite continues to be a brand at the leading edge of the luggage market. For many years Paklite has traversed the world with travel connoisseurs and adventurers of all types, providing them with quality luggage to suit their travel needs. Paklite was established in 1961 when founder Felix Vogelnest, started manufacturing cases in his garage in Sydney NSW. This was to be Australia's first zipper soft side luggage, and he called it "Paklite". By paying attention to detail, quality and keeping up with developments in hardware technology innovation, he was able to grow Paklite to become the leading Australian luggage brand. Although now produced from a South East Asian manufacturing base, Paklite still maintains its commitment to high standards of quality, technology and innovation. Our philosophy remains the same today as it was when the company started. "To produce a range of quality luggage and travel goods that offers the best value for money to the end consumer‟. Design Philosophy: Luggage today has evolved to become more than just a suitcase to carry your belongings with you. Style, Quality and Innovation are all key components in our design philosophy. Paklite strives to provide luggage that is fashionable, innovative and practical. We remains focused on continuing the evolution our product collections through constant development, research into market trends, and by keeping up with the latest changes in manufacturing techniques and component technology. Quality: Quality is the major focus of our manufacturing process. All components, materials and accessories are tested with strict quality control measures before, during and after the manufacturing stage. All zippers, fabrics, wheels, trolley systems and components are put through stringent testing prior to production. Tests include tensile tests, puncture and tear tests, component fatigue tests and drop tests among others. All aimed at ensuring that the final product stands up to the rigors of modern airline travel. Strict QC standards are adhered to during the manufacturing process to ensure that stitching, riveting, framing and other processes are carried out to Paklite's exacting standards. The final result is a product that has been designed and manufactured with the highest standard using the latest technology. Distribution: Paklite has active distribution throughout Australia and New Zealand via its Sydney office and warehouse facility. Combined with the office and distribution facilities in Durban South Africa, Paklite has an expanding global focus and continues its development of innovative and functional products for a competitive and ever changing industry.