Chapter 60 is one of 280 Chapters of Paul Hodge's November 14, 2012 video book "How to Go Solo Around the World in 47 Days". In addition to being the first ever video book published on YouTube with 280 Chapters,14+ hours of edited, original action video taken by Paul Hodge from all over the world, Paul's book is the first ever on YouTube to provide in-depth coverage and instruction on how to go solo around the world. By providing viewers with such incredibly detailed videos and incisive, fresh commentaries, author Paul Hodge shows what it realistically takes to plan and successfully execute this life changing "bucket list" achievement. See Video Book's World Adventure Beginning Chapter #1:, the Book's Concluding Summary Chapter #280: and Paul's World Commentaries: Chapter 60 of 280 of Paul Hodge's November, 2012 video book "How to Go Solo Around the World in 47 Days" chronicles Paul's May 15th, 2012 awesome adventure to Robben Island which is in Table Bay about 4.5 miles off of Cape Town, South Africa. For many years during the apartheid era, the island was used by the South African government as a prison for political prisoners and, sometimes, common criminals/felons. Nelson Mandela spent eighteen years in prison on the island, and the current President of South Africa Jacob Zuma was imprisoned there for ten years. See Video Book Trailer: and Paul's South Africa Commentary: To gain access to Robben Island, you have to sign up for a tour which takes about three plus hours. Starting at 11:00 am, you take a forty minute ferry ride from Nelson Mandela Gateway in the Cape Town waterfront to Robben Island harbor. After the ferry, you take a one hour plus guided bus tour which usually includes three stops: the isolation facility where antiapartheid leader Robert Sobukwe was imprisoned & the prison guard dogs were billeted, the lime stone quarry where Nelson Mandela and other political prisoners labored in the hot sun and the end of the island which has a view of Cape Town and the African mainland. After the bus tour, you then have a guided tour of the infamous maximum security prison where Nelson Mandela and other political prisoners were incarcerated and brutalized. This tour is the subject of this video. The tour guide is a former prisoner. The tour of Robben Island prison is extremely moving. One can only marvel, deeply respect and be inspired by Nelson Mandela's unwavering leadership and courage. After enduring eighteen years of incredible brutality and cruelness on Robben Island, Nelson Mandela emerged as a global icon of the triumph of the human spirit. I will always honor the spirit of his observation: "There is only one race in South Africa, the human race." For me and all my fellow citizens, we should follow Nelson Mandela's inspirational lead of reconciliation and forgiveness. Always Remember: "THERE IS ONLY ONE RACE IN THE UNITED STATES AND THAT IS THE HUMAN RACE." Paul is one of the few people in this World to have explored and adventured around our planet three times in four years and twice in the last six months !! Throughout his June, 2012, 40,000+ mile adventure, Paul penned incisive, compelling commentaries with fresh perspectives on the socio-economic & political challenges facing the diverse nations/cultures he explored. The commentaries will be expanded upon and incorporated in Paul's upcoming book, See Commentaries at: Paul's June 2012 exploration is his third adventure around our planet. His second solo quest was six months ago ending November, 2011, See Trailer: and his first world exploration was for 7+ months ending July 2008, See Trailer: This video book is Paul's second to chronicle his solo adventures around our planet. The book is intended to instruct viewers on how to go around the world solo. By providing the viewer with detailed videos and commentary of his recent June, 2012 World adventure, author Paul Hodge shows what it realistically takes to plan and successfully execute this life changing "bucket list" achievement.