People of South Africa : Cultural Video

In this informative and entertaining video, we celebrate the cultural diversities of the people of South Africa...The Rainbow Nation. On a visit to the Zulu People we see how they entertain tourists with there traditional dance, once used by King Shaka to consolidate Zulu Impies into a formidable force in preparation for battle. The Xhosa nation in the Eastern Cape maintain a traditional lifestyle and share their warmth and hospitality with tourists from across the globe. We see how traditional dishes are made by the Swazis, Sothos and Tswanas and visit an Afrikaner farm where delicacies and traditions dating back to the Voortrekkers have lived on, while the Cape Malays and Indians share with us their colourful lifestyles. It's a fascinating look at the many different ways of life in this beautiful country, South Africa. A Tekweni TV Production. To access the video, go to For more on African Culture, Singing and Dance. Please subscribe to the Tekweni Channel, a Southern African site that celebrates everything African.