Pre WW2 Police of the World USA New York NYPD Ireland Iraq UK Palestine History Memorabilia

Do you collect police memorabilia? This great police card set was issued when the world was an incredibly insecure place, just before WW2 and Hitler's invasion of Europe. It features policemen from unstable regions such as the Irish Free State, Iraq, Palestine ... Card set title: The World's Police Manufacturer: Cope Bros & Co Ltd Year of Issue: 1937 Number of cards in the set: 25 Includes: England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Irish Free State, Jamaica, South Africa, India, Gold Coast, Soudan, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Soudan, Iraz, Palestine, USA, Burma, Federated Malay States (Malaysia), France, Holland,Greece, Sweden, Fiji Islands, Italy, Argentina If you'd like to find out more about this item please visit my website at: