Thomas Sankara is a charismatic revolution hero from Burkina Faso, the name he gave the country meaning "land of upright man". He came to power at the age of 32 via a military coup to oust former dictator in what was know as Upper Volter. In the 4 years he ruled the country he made significant strides in improving the lives of people of Burkina Faso, in 4 years the country was able to feed itself, women where empowered and environmental degradation was reversed. What made Thomas Sankara more powerful was the simple life he lived as president, he sold all government Merc's and used a modest Renault, he instructed all ministers to fly economy class, he used a bicycle to drive around the city. He was the most vocal African president for the emancipation of the continent from the colonial rule, he suffered no fools in telling France, colonial power were to get off. One classic example is when he told French president to stop preaching about peace when he still meet with killers of black people like PW Botha, apartheid president of South Africa. He also played a role when SA white academics where having discussion with ANC in Lusaka, Dakar and other areas to discuss peaceful negotiations in South Africa. Monument was build in Burkina Faso for fight against apartheid during his rule. Unfortunately I did not get to see the monument when I was in Ouagadougou. Thomas Sankara was assassinated in 1987 mission planned by the current president of Burkina Faso, Blaise Compaore, with the help of then Ivorian President and French government, the excuse for killing him was that he was disturbing relations with French government and neighboring nations. LIBBY OFFEM-OKE Please Like, Share and comment on this video You can get updates of More exciting videos bu subscribing for free via or click dubscribe on the video. Follow us on