Put together a couple of bean-counters, an engine rebuilder, wives and families - and what do you have? Bertie Werkman's day out on the Vaal, rafting. Little did Bertie's victims realise that the big guided rafts, which look so safe and easy, have an "ejection button" to send unruly paddlers flying. Guides are under careful instructions only to explode the ejection charges when there is no alternative! So both Karin Steenkamp and hubby Riaan did some flying. After choosing not to paddle with each other in the same raft (a "divorce machine") they were shown that the river has no mercy anyway. Although running at an extremely low 12 cubic metres a second, the Saturday afternoon trip was still great fun. Those who enjoyed it most of all were the kids. After a few minutes on the water, all fears were forgotten and soon it was the boys and girls who grabbed the paddlers to move faster down Murder Mile. Come again, Bertie, and bring your lot! - Graeme, Eddison and Ashley. [email protected] 084 245 2490