Heloise Emdon, Benjamin and Gina joined Graeme and Karen for a family reunion - where else but on the river! An assorted crowd lazed its way downriver on a mild but still exciting Vaal. Also along for the ride were Kili and Jesse, as well as Tom, Damian and Cameron - all friends and family as this was not a commercial trip. The river is still at its winter low but not altogether toothless: Big Daddy nearly claimed some scalps. Claws 'n Jaws had Gina and Kili scrambling to get between the rocks and a hard place! We missed Dad - Clive Emdon - who is back in Canada but at least he can say he did the trip himself some months ago! We love taking kids and often do school tours. Come back again, Emdons, and when it's time for gap years for your grown-up teens, send them to us for the River Finishing School. - Graeme yeeha@riverman.co.za +27 56 8181814