For a day in early August, which can be freezing, this was like summer. It was RIVERMAN's first big trip of the Spring season and it went off, well, swimmingly! Farieda Mayet brought a whole bunch of friends to risk the rapids of the Vaal. They started nervous and ended absolutely thrilled, vowing to return. We had a flow of 22 cubic metres a second (cumecs), not a bad level for this time of year. Two big rafts (5 seaters) were accompanied by eight 2-seater crocs and Graeme, the Riverman, in a kayak shooting video. The guides were Stephan, Ricky, Ashley and Eddison. Ricky had his hands full executing rescues, which he did brilliantly as the video shows. There were swims aplenty as somehow this crowd just couldn't seem to stay seated in their boats. Or was it that they really came for a swim? - RIVERMAN. yeeha@riverman.co.za +27842452490 +27568181814 PARYS, SOUTH AFRICA