Rick Roughton’s journey from Cape town to Kochi.

Hello, My name is Rick Roughton, 68 years old , I was born in England, live in South Africa since 10 years now but this has been my home. This is my wife 'Mary', Hi my name is Mary, I was born in England too. We moved to South Africa in 1981, I used to be a real estate agent and also a horticulturist, Rick here again, I have been in the Navy for 22 years, did not know anything about ships then as I was in the aircraft division. I did do a lot of Dinghy sailing after marriage and from there we upgraded our sailing using keel boats, We then had this idea of sailing around the world. Mary here, We both have been travelers. We always had itchy feet. We liked to visit new places, Meet new people, We loved sailing as we could take our home with us where ever we sailed. Sailing is our hobby and we wanted that to continue for 20 years. The people we met on our tours have been extremely helpful, The people we meet always asks us whether we get bored sailing for so long, we tell them that with so much of maintenance while sailing we never get bored and when we are at the port we have to stock up the boat so really there is no chance of boredom for us..never. We are always asked which is our favorite place of visit, that is a really difficult question to answer as all the countries are so very diverse and so different from each other that makes it hard to say which is our favorite of them all. Our Voyage started from South Africa to South America, here the people are so friendly and are so energetic who love dancing and music, we then moved into the Caribbean. Mix of cultures really. We went through the Panama Canal and the pacific ocean. When we reached Cuba, there was no wind so we had to actually sit there waiting for the wind to come to take us along. It then suddenly started to rain which was really great hence we took a rain shower, it then started to thunder and lightning. We were struck by lightning which took out some of the instruments and there was nothing that we could actually do, we just sat there holding hands. Luckily the systems did come back on later which made us really happy. We experienced a force 9 gail as we entered a storm after leaving cape town. We did see one boat go down. Three boats had to return back to Cape Town. One boat turned upside down three times. We then realized that our boats could take on rough weather after seeing all that. Our longest trip has been for 31 days and the one next to that was 24 days which was thru the Atlantic. The trip from the Andamans to Kochi was very slow as there was less wind hence it took us 11 days to reach. I was sent up the mast to set up the haliott it is the thing that holds the sail on the mast and at that time we were in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This was easily one of the most exhilarating experience for me but this was very difficult for Rick as he had to steady the boat a lot. We never had self steering before hence when one was having dinner the other would need to be at the helm and vice versa but now with this boat having self steering it makes things more easier for us.