We'd cancelled a client trip because the Vaal was hitting 500 cumecs - more than 10 times its mild summer flow. The Vaal River, at Parys in South Africa, has few pool-and-drop rapids at this level and tends to be a continuous rapid, making it dangerous if a raft capsizes and people swim. The river becomes a runaway train, made worse by floating trees and currents running through bush islands. Swimmers can become totally exhausted in fast currents with few eddies. But for raft guide training it's ideal so we hit the water for Rafting 101. They guys are experienced kayakers or small-inflatable paddlers, not used to bigger paddle rafts. Stephan, Eddison and Ashley took turns skippering. Ashley did much of the videography too... Great stuff! - If you want river proficiency training, come to RIVERMAN. +27 84 245 2490. - Graeme.