Road to Sentinel Car Park – Drakensberg, South Africa (

Our next destination was supposed to be Tugela Falls and a hike along the top of what is known as the 'Amphitheatre' of Upper Drakensburg.  We never made it. We inquired at a nearby Hotel about the possibility of getting all the way to the Sentinel car park (where the hike begins and a hut to sleep in can be found). The women at the front desk assured us we could manage in a 2WD vehicle. The women at the front desk must have been huffing glue.  Daylight was fading but we decided to give it a shot. What we found was a breathtakingly beautiful mountain ridge road strewn with small boulders and rocks of varying sizes. I took our silver box (i.e. the Polo Vivo) as far as I could (which was probably 5 km farther than I should have) but in the end had to capitulate once again. The Polo took a beating but endured magnificently. There more than a few tense moments when we thought we might just tear the bottom out. We didn't...thankfully. Even if we had made it all the way we might have been trapped there for days. As we were retreating it started to rain and continued on most of the night. I can only imagine the condition of the road afterward. It really was quite a shame because the scene we were presented with was just plain awesome. I would have loved to see more, much more. That was the first time we regretted not splurging for a 4WD but certainly not the last. For the story that accompanies this video go to