Robben Island

One of my high lights on our trip to Cape town was going to Robben Island. Robben Island is were Nelson Mandel stayed for about 18 years in prison. You will see pictures of Nelson Mandelas cell and the beds they used to sleep on. The first picture of 2 blankets on the ground was the bed they used to sleep on, but than Nelson Mandel got sick and needed a better bed. So they changed his bed to a bunk bed. Soon every bed was changed too. You will also see a picture of a building that used to be a leper church. The island had a leper colony, a woman's insane asylum, and a prison but not all at the same time. It was very sad to see how they separated the races. (Example: blacks got the least food, coloureds got more and Indians got the most.) Now the island is just used to show people how it used to be. I am glad I went. By Samara