Rock Art – Drakensberg – South Africa

The Drakensberg Experience is centred on the Drakensberg World Heritage Site, which includes Giant's Castle and the Central and Northern Drakensberg. Known to the Zulu people as uKhahlamba ('barrier of spears'), the Drakensberg mountains ('dragon mountains') provide a magnificent semi-circular border between KwaZulu-Natal and the inland mountain kingdom of Lesotho. This 200km-long mountain range has witnessed many historical events in South Africa's history. The San people were probably the first to gaze upon its magnificence, but they tragically disappeared in the late 19th century, leaving only engraved rock walls and artefacts to remember them by. The same range was also the western boundary of the mighty Zulu kingdom, encountered by the Boer settlers around 1837 on their Great Trek north from the Cape Colony.