SARDINE RUN adventure by Bittenbysharks

The Bittenbysharks team, Claudia and Leon on a Sardine adventure in Southern Africa. An exhilarating spectacle, and once in a lifetime experience. Cape Gannets dive bomb the sardines from the surface - what a sound! Like little bombs going off randomly all around the boat. Dolphins make fierce sounds, zipping in and out, and a variety of sharks patrolling patiently underneath, every now and again dashing up into the baitball to grab a bite. All around the boat, dolphins in their hundreds track the gradually forming baitballs. At one point we count 15 humpback whales breaching all around us, one after the other, crash, crash, thump!! The topside viewing is as incredible as underwater...a must, one in a lifetime spectacle, especially for photographers! Enjoy!