Seven Stars Travel TV-Show Karkloof Safari Spa, South Africa

Seven Stars Travel TV-Show filmed in cooperation with (4x Emmy Award winning) Celebrity Chef Walter Staib at Africa's 1st Seven Stars Award resort, Karkloof Safari Spa, an all inclusive wellness and wildlife retreat near Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal, near Durban - South Africa. The Karkloof Safari Spa resort is a true epitome of luxury accommodations and world-class spa-ing in an environmentally sensitive African wellness & wildlife retreat, giving you the feeling that it is a fantasy, a dream of ethereal magnitude bordering on the unreal. Our dining experience at this incredible place was an exceptional one as well, complete with the total sensory perceptions of exotic sights, sounds and flavors all rolled into one. The level of service presented at Karkloof Safari Spa was genuine and the spa personal proved to be highly skilled. It is evident that the people who are working here are proud of their work, their amazing spa and their team. Congratulations to a world-class team! The  US TV show "A Taste of History" with host Chef Walter Staib taped an episode of their Emmy® award winning TV series at Karkloof at the same time. "In this issue the series is presenting an 18th century perspective on the Zulu culture; cave paintings and the preservation of wildlife..." said Director James Davey of  Multi Media Productions. Edmund, a member of the Seven Stars team, and I were watching the amazing production while sitting comfortably under a nice shading tree while everyone else was working hard. We could only imagine how Ariel felt under a big black cloth, covering his editing table, making sure that the footage was living up to the 4 Emmys the team had previously earned. Chris, who had unfortunately forgotten his long safari hat, ended up covering his head and neck with one of Walter's dishtowels to avoid a bad burn. During a short break to reset the cooking table for another course suddenly, as of from nowhere, a herd of Giraffes came running down a hill into the green valley towards us until they realized the set, turned around and took a different direction. Trust me when I say that this was one of these unforgettable moments that took all our breaths away and that we were all disappointed that MMP's cameras weren't rolling at that very moment.,176