Shosholoza in Train South Africa World Cup 2010

We were on a train from Simon's Town to Cape Town after a day of shark cage diving. Little did we know that the day had yet more thrilling and unforgettable experiences to offer. As we approached the Mother City, Capetonians began boarding the train in increasing numbers. Before that our train had been quiet and somewhat stale. The first to break the silence were a group of 2-3 young Capetonians who started blowing their vuvuzelas to the apparent annoyance of most passengers. They were sipping on some kind of home brew and having a great time. Eventually their enthusiasm started winning everyone over. There was reason to celebrate. It was a game night. In a few hours Bafana Bafana would be facing Uruguay. Before we knew it the train was packed with supporters of the host nation. They were wearing face paint, wigs, South Africa jerseys and hats, waiving South African flags and blowing their ear piercing vuvuzelas. They were on their way to Fan Fest at the Grand Parade to watch their team play. Then they broke into song and dance. It was one of the most beautiful tunes I had ever heard. I loved how the older lady with the yellow head scarf joined in, she had been so quiet and reserved only minutes before that. It was the first time that I consciously heard Shosholoza and at the time I had no idea what the song was called, all I knew was that I loved it. Later I found that Shosholoza is about migrant workers traveling home by train from South Africa. I can't believe we were able to capture this amazing impromptu performance and in a train, it's one of the best memories from our trip.