South Africa 2010 #9 Cape Point – Cape of Good Hope – Chapman’s Peak Drive

On Monday 08 Mar 2010 we drove to the most southwestern point on the African continent: Cape Point which is in part of Table Mountain National Park. This is also where the Cape of Good Hope is. We stopped along Boulders Beach where we saw a submarine just off the coast. At Cape Point we were bused up to nearly the top where the lighthouse sits 238m ASL. Great views of False Bay (Valsbaai) and the point. Then down to the coast and the Cape of Good Hope. Heading out explored some little used side roads and ran into lots of wildlife including a lone Bontebock. Also ran into a congress of baboons in the road. Heading north we followed the western coast road and Chapman's Peak toll road. Lastly the video finishes with some clips of the Derwent House where we stayed.