South Africa Adventures IV: Durban

The last stop on my South African Adventure was in the sub tropical city of Durban. Durban is located in the KwaZulu Natal province and is the third largest city in South Africa. While there, I visited Moses Mabida soccer stadium which was built for the 2010 world cup games where the world's tallest bungee swing exists. I had the pleasure of watching a few brave souls climbed to the top of the stadium a jump to the bottom. After this excitement, I felt I needed a bit of Durban culture, so I went to a Hare Krishna temple to understand the spiritual practice that is growing throughout South Africa. I then visited Victoria Market, the Indian treasure house to buy some jewelry and spices. My final experience in South Africa was in the Valley of a Thousand Hills where I watched an Ingoma performance, a traditional Zulu dance that performed by was captivating.