South Africa Great White Shark trip – The Adventure Travel Gal

Just outside of Cape Town (2 hours) near a village called Gansbaai you can be lowered into the local cold waters surrounded by a steel cage. Why? In order to get up close and personal with countless great white sharks. Possibly the number one place to do this in all the world. Possible here because of the temperature/weather and dense seal colony that keeps the sharks fed. The amazing staff has only missed seeing the beasts 4 times over the last 4 years and when the Adventure Travel Gal took on the challenge there were enough sharks to keep the filled boat busy all day! They were close...there were often multiple sharks in view and of course there was nothing like seeing the jaw come at the cage or feeling the vibration of their tails and fins dragging across the bars! Check out our video of the experience from Marine Dynamics Not only is this an adrenaline rush but this facility is researching and protecting these fine animals that are still being sought after for their fins. Thanks to the people here the sharks are being protected and learned about in order to maintain their place in the water. Take a look and follow if you want to know more about adventurous travel for you!