South Africa Stoke Squad – Day One: Crocodile Ribs & Llandudno Dr

Our first day in South Africa started with eating crocodile ribs followed by a freeride session at Llandudno Dr Unfortunately we weren't able to find a solid free Internet connection that would suffice to upload a HD video while we were in South Africa. So so basically everything will be posted with a month of delay... Anyway. This is a short video from Ben and my first day in South Africa. Ben was born in South Africa and lived there until he came to Switzerland last May. On our first day we went freeriding at Llandudno Dr, at the bottom of which there is one of Cape Town's most popular surf spots. One thing I noticed right away was the remarkably slick pavement. It almost felt like back home it's double as hard to push your board out and standup slide. Llandudno Dr is also where Ben and Matt Arderne started longboarding ten years ago. Ben said back then it was too scary to skate the entire hill and some of the sections they had to buttboard. "It's crazy how our skating has progressed so we're just freeriding all the way down doing standup slides all over the place"