South African Holiday Accommodation

South African Holiday Accommodation A short video of South African Holiday Accommodation and wildlife in South Africa. CLICK HERE : South African Holiday Accommodation 'I believe that South Africa is the most beautiful place on earth. Admittedly, I am biased, but when you combine the natural beauty of South Africa with the friendliness and cultural diversity of our people, and the fact that the region is a haven for Africa's most splendid wildlife, then I think even the most scrupulous critic would agree that we have been blessed with a truly wonderful land. I would like to extend a personal invitation to you to come and see for yourself the splendour of South Africa. I know that my people will be delighted to welcome you and I think you will be enchanted by their warmth and hospitality. I am equally sure that you will enjoy our culture, our cuisine and the warmth of our people'. Nelson Mandela - humanitarian AIDS campaigner and previous President of South Africa (1994-1999) South Africa is an awesome holiday destination with so much to do you'll be spoiled for choice. South Africa is internationally renowned as one of the world's top game viewing and birding destinations but it also offers has 3,000 km coastline with fabulous beaches and water sports, and great dolphin and whale watching. Get your holiday accommodation in South Africa from a respected online accommodation agency. South African Holiday Accommodation CLICK HERE : View my Youtube channel here : This video :