storm cape of good hope 2008.wmv

During one of my towing voyages from Korea to Nigeria we ran into some bad weather whilst rounding the Cape of Good Hope with the ocean going tugs "M.V. Singapore", "M.V. De Zhou", "M.V. Wolraad Woltemade" and "M.V. De Hong" (Stand-by) towing the "AKPO FPSO". The tug "M.V. Singapore" is the former "Smit Singapore" and "Smitwijs Singapore". During this storm wave heights during the night (before the movies) have occurred of 22 meters or 72 ft. The quality of the movies is quite poor, but maybe it'll give you an idea of what the sea can be like. SO, SIT BACK AND HOLD ON FOR A BUMPY RIDE! and let me know what you think of it!