Taxi Driver Johannesburg News,Famous Daniel Mann,Teddy Afro Coming to Vegas Jan 2, LA Dec 29.

Tittle : Interview Back. Daniel Mann from Juggling Taxi World News, Mann interview Raster Back, Manyzewal Tuge comments Tikur Sew , Mann Reports that Teddy Afro is coming to Las Vegas Jan 2,2013 but if you can't wait until than go see him this Saturday December 29,2012 in Los Angeles California, Vegas Baby Merry Christmas America . Tittle :Teddy Afro Concert Teddy Afro is coming to concert at the Boulevard Theater Jan 2, 2013 Saturday on The strip at 3765 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas NV, 89109 you can by tickets at Yeshi Market corner of Arville and Flamingo, Teddy Afro is the best voice on the planet. Call Las Vegas Radio Station @ 96.3 FM 702-739-9636 Ask the radio station to play Teddy Afro song Bob Marley Bob Marley, by Teddy Afro. Contact Daniel Mann @ 702-767-7825 Twitter : Jugglingtaxi702 Contact : Vegas Western 702-888-4888