Strange things happen in a flood... people collect the water to DRINK, poisonous snakes appear out of nowhere, some whitewater rafters get nervous, others yell their hearts out, and some analyse things calmly, concluding HAPPY DAYS! It wasn't happy days for the black ring-necked spitting cobra (Rinkhals) that was hunting frogs in our bush camp chalets. We don't want to kill these snakes but they are dangerous and we can't find a snakecatcher. As for the river, never underestimate the power of water. The (fairly moderate) flood of 30-31 January 2010 washed away bridges, burst farm dams, flooded some homes, and left the people of Parys, in the northeastern Free State of South Africa, kinda worried, kinda excited and kinda proud of their river. Result: Flood parties. Sorry, we were too under the weather to film the festivities... But maybe next time. The flood could come again because the rainy season is by no means over, and the dam upstream is almost full despite huge water releases. - Graeme and Ashley. Mobile: + 27 84 245 2490. [email protected]