The Mersey Moorlander, LNER A4 Pacific, 60009 Union of South Africa at Flag Lane, 23 July 2012

When we heard the whistle we knew it wouldn't be Scots Guardsman or the Black Five we expected. So it was a pleasant surprise to see LNER Pacific, 60009 Union of South Africa hauling the first Mersey Moorlander of the season. Filming at Flag Lane has become more difficult as some large bushes now obliterate part of the line at what was my chosen location a year or so ago, so I sacrificed the distance shot through the Bee Lane bridge for the uninterrupted close shot. Unfortunately I wasn't bargaining for my hamfistedness with my broken cam - using the viewfinder with cam on tripod and standing on tiptoe worked for the approach shot but not for the going away shot - I just couldn't see what I was filming. Hence very short clips to conclude this video!