The Mystery of the Helderberg South African Airways Flight 295

Facebook: Shutterstock Pictures: Shutterstock Videos: This is my tribute video to the South African Airways flight 295 crash near the island of Mauritius. When you see the helderberg (which is what the 747 is called in South Africa) explode that is not the helderberg that is fligt 800. I hope it does not offend anyone because in the documentary (air crash investigation) did not show the the plane explode. I used music from The Lord of the Rings and only music from Lord of the Rings. This is dedicated to all those lives that were lost on November 27 1987 in south African airways flight 295. This was like 9 11 for America to South Africa at the time. This is the worst aviation accident of all time for south African airways. I know you see some of the shots with the Apartheid government 747 but I can assure you that I do not support the apartheid government even though I am white, the only reason you see the plane of the apartheid government of South Africa is because its factual that it was during the years of Apartheid is when it crashed in the sea. Though I have shown many scenes of the New South African Flag , it was during the apartheid years when it crashed. This was terrible for South Africa. The South African Airways 747 flying from China back to South Africa Johannesburg city crashed in the Indian Ocean near Mauritius. The plane was known as the helderberg and a total of 159 people died in that air crash. If you want to see the full documentary of the air crash just search air crash South Africa on South African Airways Flight 295 was a Boeing 747-244B Combi,[3] named The Helderberg (registration ZS-SAS; serial number 22171) that was delivered to the airline in 1980. The aircraft took off on 27 November 1987 from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport[3] (then known as Chiang Kai Shek International Airport), on a flight to Johannesburg via Mauritius. Dawie Uys served as the captain of the flight. The Boeing 747-244B Combi is a variant of the aircraft that permits the mixing of passengers and airfreight on the main deck according to load factors on any given route and Class B cargo compartment regulations.[3] Flight 295 had 140 passengers and six pallets of cargo on the main deck.[3] The master waybills stated that 47,000 kilograms (100,000 lb) of baggage and cargo were loaded on the plane.[7] A Taiwanese customs official performed a surprise inspection of some of the cargo; he did not find any cargo that could be characterized as suspicious.[7]Thirty-four minutes after departure, the flight contacted Hong Kong air traffic control to obtain clearance from waypoint ELATO ( 22°19′N 117°30′E) to ISBAN. A position report was made over ELATO at 15:03:25, followed by waypoints SUNEK at 15:53:52, ADMARK at 16:09:54 and SUKAR ( 12°22′N 110°54′E) at 16:34:47.[8] The aircraft made a routine report to the South African Airways base at Jan Smuts (ZUR) at 15:55:18. At some point after this during the flight, a fire developed in the cargo section on the main deck.[7] The fire was probably never extinguished prior to impact. The 'smoke evacuation' checklist calls for the aircraft to be depressurised, and for two of the cabin doors to be opened.[citation needed] However, no evidence exists as to whether this checklist was followed, or whether the doors were actually opened. A crew member might have gone into the cargo hold to try to fight the fire. A charged fire extinguisher was later recovered from the wreckage on which investigators found molten metal.[7] The following communication was recorded with Mauritius air traffic control. South African Airways, 747, helderberg , air crash investigators, plane crash, plane crash in the sea , South African Airways flight 295, the lord of the rings , the fellowship of the ring, the lord of the rings , the two towers south African airways flight 295 crash, Indian ocean