The Strand in HD – Beach Adventure 1

We love the ocean,beach, surfing, sand, waves, water and just walking and talking, and reflecting on our lives, where we've been and where we want to go. Me and Ansu also went to the STRAND to test out my new HD GO PRO HERO and my new Kodak Playsport. The Go Pro was the best in terms of stability and the wide lens, the Kodak works great if on a tripod where you can keep it steady. The Go Pro HD just works so great, but there is no LCD so that's why the Kodak Playsport is more user friendly. Love the camera's both. Was a fun day, thanks Ansu. The song is by OWL CiTY, called "Meet you there" and the first song is 3Doors Down " Runaway" Local is Lekker!