@ The West Coast Properties

The West Coast is your ideal destination. Here is an oasis of tranquillity and comfort. In this haven you can restore your body and mind. Round off your days as the sun sets across the waters of the panoramic Atlantic Ocean. A rainbow blanket of flowers will embrace you in springtime. Whales and dolphins will entertain you during summer. In autumn your senses will be enriched by the magnificent kaleidoscope of rustic shades. Cosy fireplace evenings with your favourite red wine will warm you in winter. World renowned seafood, pristine coastlines and a variety of activities and attractions are all yours to discover and enjoy at the West Coast. The West Coast landscapes are spectacular and offer the perfect destination, shaped by the ocean and splashed by the mild West Coast sunshine. Experience abundant West Coast wildlife in the West Coast National Park, which covers land and sea, as well as a rich colonial history recalling explorers like Vasco Da Gama and local fishermen. The chief appeal of the West Coast is its laid-back lifestyle and relaxed, unhurried atmosphere, accompanied by stunning natural beauty with magnificent sea views and long unspoilt sandy beaches. The West Coast is one of the few remaining coastal belts where exclusive beach-front property is still available.