The zebra is outstanding in the acting

シマウマは演技力抜群(南アフリカにて)2006 in South Africa. なんて演技派のシマウマの赤ちゃんだろうね。最初は横たわっていたのに・・・最後には元気にスタスタ歩いていました!!1. We found a baby zebra which collapsed on the road in " Tala"(game reserve).2. He(she) did not not move,and also all the Zebra there did not move even though we were there, so we thought all the zebra were so sad because of his Death. BUT,The pitiful zebra moved, suddenly, so we were glad and We thought " Was he just injured?" But in a few seconds that pitiful zebra started to walk fine. Wow, he is a good actor !!