Tour Ghana with Tour Bus Ghana

Welcome to Ghana, Africa's friendliest country and haven of peace formerly known as the Gold coast. The country lies on the Gulf of Guinea on the Western coast of tropical Africa, bordered to the west by cote d'ivoire, to the east by Togo, to the north by Burkina Faso and to the south by Atlantic ocean. It is located on the Greenwich meridian precisely on latitude 4-11.5 north and longitude 3.11 west and 1.1 east and makes it really at the center of the world. Ghana has lots to offer in terms of beautiful tropical weather, a warm and ever welcoming people, rich culture and history dotted by evidence of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, a variety of handy-craft and African ingenuity. Nature lovers will be amazed at the rich wild life, breath taking views of varied land scrapes and pampering sandy beaches. Sold Out Entertainment