Travel – Mar 2010 – An AIDS Orphanage in Swaziland, Africa – Carl W. Farley

Here's a really heart-tugging video from our trip to So. Africa - this time to the Kingdom of Swaziland which is surrounded by So. Africa on all sides in the southeast. This video shows an orphanage and primary school set up by a very energetic 82 yr old lady to raise kids whose parents died from AIDS. What a horrible situation. Our travel company, Grand Circle Travel, gives a lot of money every year to help this facility. We ourselves hauled in a lot of school supplies so the kids could have a better time of it in school. The video also shows us visiting with a local young woman and her mother in her home that's composed of a number of thatch-covered, mud huts. Watch our guide closely when we leave on the bus - she's really attached to these kids. Go to my web site for more stories of our trip: