Travelling through Hammanskraal

Hammanskraal is a black township about 40km north of the South African capital city of Pretoria. It derives its name from an early livestock farmer named Hamman. While transporting supplies to the area he built a cattle pen ('kraal") made of thorn tree branches to protect his oxen, cattle and sheep from lions and other predators. Soon other farmers transporting goods through the area made use of the "Hammans Kraal". It was formerly situated in the homeland of Bothuthatswana, and is easily accessible from various turnoffs on the N1 highway towards Polokwane. This video shows the Murrayhill/Petronella turnoff from where the road leads to a T-junction at the old R101 Warmbaths (Bela Bela) road, from where you take a right turn, and continue travelling north. Portions of the N1 and R101 on route to Hammanskraal were speeded-up to shorten the length of the video. Various attempts have been made over the years to promote Hammanskraal as a unique tourist destination, but as the video depicts the place has nothing to offer in terms of tourism. It is best (and safer) to rather stay away from the place. Some scenes are a bit jumpy, but were included nonetheless, as I strongly doubt that I'll be travelling through the place ever again. The accompanying sound track is "Look At Yourself" by Uriah Heep.